Portfolio Piece 2 Blake Hartley Are we living in a Simulation Look around, does this seem real to you? Touch the table in front of you, does it feel real to you? Take a breath in, are you really breathing air? Would you believe that there is quite a high possibility that we are just […]

Portfolio Piece 1 Blake Hartley Death in The Book Thief Throughout humanity death has been portrayed as evil: if you were a good or bad person it didn’t matter, death got everyone. Death in most religions and history was normally personified as a human figure, however he was never seen as human like. Death was always […]

  Silicon based life https://bigpictureeducation.com/possibility-silicon-based-life origin of life https://bigpictureeducation.com/origins-life Colliding black holes http://www.livescience.com/58609-the-mystery-of-how-black-holes-collide-and-merge-is-beginning-to-unravel.html future of computers http://www.livescience.com/58553-darpa-creates-molecular-computer-initiative.html

to construct and deliver an oral presentation on a topic, issue, idea, conflict, situation that is thought provoking controversial this year present at least two different perspectives/ interpretations/ viewpoints nuclear energy for and against it or living in a simulation   look around, does this seem real to you? touch the table in front of […]

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s). teach the reader an idea reveal something about a character reveal an important symbol reveal information about a setting foreshadow events to later occur What is the writer’s purpose?: death is not something to be afraid of/ is inevitable you can’t delete history/ […]

1.) I would imagine a person who steals books being mysterious, books are not your typical thing to steal because they are not worth much money so someone who steals them is most likely stealing them for the knowledge, this would make me think bad about them because they are taking someones elses property.   […]

Who is rudy steiner? Ideal hilter looks/ the ideal aryan poor wants a kiss from liesel looks up to jesse owens fair hates hitler loves to win and achieve highley works hard/ is driven large family – six siblings doesn’t understand hitler and the nazis view dies aged 14 during an air raid likes sports […]

The significance of the gravedigger’s handbook- The gravedigger’s handbook is the first book that liesel stole in “The Book Thief”, this happened early in the book when her brother died on the train to her new foster family, they held a funeral in a town and buried her brother when one of the grave diggers […]

Liesel Liesel is being moved because her situation with her mother, she was moved to another town with a new foster family because her mother did not simply have the money to look after liesel and her brother, her mother may also put liesel and her brother in danger because of her communist beliefs so […]

The 3 colours white, black and red are predominant theme throughout the book The Book Thief, there are 3 main stages for each of the colours, white is represented more in the beginning of the book showing liesel’s innocence, black represents secrets and hiding in the middle of the book and finally red represents power […]