Liesel is being moved because her situation with her mother, she was moved to another town with a new foster family because her mother did not simply have the money to look after liesel and her brother, her mother may also put liesel and her brother in danger because of her communist beliefs so she most likely sent her kids away to give them a better life without danger in it. On the way to her new family her brother suddenly dies, this shows that they most likely were living in bad health circumstances like malnutrition before this.


Very kind and trustworthy character, he instantly comes across as the good guy in this text, constantly helping liesel out.


Went to World War 1 and fought where he made a great friendship with Erik Vandenburg due to their shared interests, Erik taught him the instrument accordion which became a very significant part of his life, max was eriks son


When we meet Rosa she comes across as always grumpy and that no matter what anyone does it is never up to her standards, when she initially meets liesel she immediately gets annoyed when she won’t come out of the car and complains that there was meant to be two kids(liesel and her brother) so she would only get half the amount of money now. The book hints that she has had previous children or foster children


Rudy comes across as extremely open and affectionate, never judging people by their appearance but there skill and personality, has the appearance of the perfect german, he was into girls from a young age and liked liesel alot, he also played football in the street a lot which is where he met liesel when she saved a shot of his. He had six siblings, he was somewhere in the middle


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