29th May 2017

essay plan

How Shakespeare uses language to describe his overall idea of Macbeth’s fatal flaw ambition


Ambition-A strong desire to do or achieve something

Paragraph 1~Macbeth as the protagonist starts out the play as successful and fulfilled soldier for the King. He is highly respected in Scotland and desires to help the king.Macbeth meets the witches and is told he will be king. After finding out he is Thane of Cawdor as the witches predicted he decides that he will just let fate play its role and become king if fate desires him to

paragraph 2~Macbeths wife persuades him to kill the king. He is too loyal and backs out. She uses her feminist attributes to make him kill the king to become king. Straight away he regrets doing it and is constantly paranoid

paragraph 3~ M












Paragaph 1
Macbeth is living a fulfilled life. After the witches prediction Lady Macbeth persuades him to kill the king using strong metaphors to make macbeth want to be king









Paragraph 1

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