1.) I would imagine a person who steals books being mysterious, books are not your typical thing to steal because they are not worth much money so someone who steals them is most likely stealing them for the knowledge, this would make me think bad about them because they are taking someones elses property.


2.) Liesel’s childhood most likely made it hard for her to trust people but once she did trust someone she would hold on to them very tightly, this is because as a child she had everything she knew ripped away from her for no apparent reason. This would mean that in the new town she would most likely struggle to form relationships incase this happened again, luckily Rudy steiner lived there with his extremely open and outgoing attitude, which made it very easy for liesel to make a relationship with.


3.) Books and words have many different meanings for liesel, the grave diggers handbook is used as a physical reminder of her brother, however i think other books are important to her because it allows her to live someone else’s lives and experience just like why people read them in real life, people use books as a way to get out of there world and into a new and different world where everything is already planned out, nothing can go wrong. She learns that words can be used for good and evil when seeing books about hitler’s beliefs and stuff, she learns that words can be used to inspire people to be great or inspire people to follow someone else who often can be bad.


4.) I think liesel vowed to never kiss rudy because she did not want to ruin there relationship, right now she enjoyed having rudy as a friend playing football and stealing fruit, i think she is afraid that might change if she kisses rudy, liesel is very afraid of change because of her mother and brother being taken from her and her world ripped away from her being forced into this new world and she does not ever want this to happen again.


5.) Max’s suffering in Nazi Germany changed liesel’s view on her own suffering alot, after hearing what max had been through she quickly realised that “anything was better than being a Jew.” and that she had a reasonably easy life, although her brother died in her hands max had been through so much more and so much worse, having his whole family taken from him, living on the street, feeling like he was to blame for his family’s disappearance, it put liesel’s suffering into perspective. I think this is a big issue today in first world countries because a lot of people think they have so many problems or are taken for granted where as in reality they have really good lives compared to those who lived in third world countries, they need to see the whole picture.


6.) I think that Liesel continues stealing books throughout the book because it represents her independence, In some ways she is stealing knowledge and teaching herself which is a very independent thing.






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