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In the Shakespeare play Macbeth, Shakespeare often emphasizes important events through supernatural occurrences in nature: Bad weather, Screams, destroyed buildings, Earthquakes and odd behaviour in the animal kingdom. After macbeth had finally been persuaded by lady Macbeth using The morning after Macbeth had killed King Duncan, Lennox and Macduff visited. Lenox quoted “The night has been unruly: where we lay, our chimneys were blown down; and, as they say, lamentings heard i’ the air; strange screams of death” this was the night after Macbeth had killed Duncan an act against god and Lennox said that the night had been unruly full of screams and bad weather. Shakespeare is using super natural occurrences to show bad events such as Macbeth killing Duncan have happened and that it is that bad of a crime that it has upset the forces of nature. Throughout history there are cases in religion where upsetting gods causes terrible weather, lightning and bad fortune to people involved. People have always linked weather and occurrences in nature to events in real life, this is an example of pathetic fallacy.  Since kings are people chosen by god to rule Macbeth killing Duncan has supposedly upset god. Shakespeare uses bad weather and unorthodox occurrences in nature to show the audience that Macbeth’s crime was so evil that god was now against him.

pathetic fallacy
  1. the attribution of human feelings and responses to inanimate things or animals, especially in art and literature.

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  1. This is a very strong and clearly organised paragraph exploring the idea of the disturbance of the natural order the has resulted from Macbeth’s actions. It would be very interesting to see if you decided to organise your essay around the various techniques that Shakespeare uses to get his ideas across, as opposed to what many people are doing which is choosing one idea and exploring how many techniques are used to communicate it.

    When it comes to putting your whole essay in order, which is definitely something that requires some thought, I try to encourage students to consider their argument as a logical sequence – one idea builds upon the next. You could build on the the use of Pathetic Fallacy with the use of Dramatic Irony, Co-incidence, Soliloquy, Aside, Metaphor, The Supernatural, Meter. The list is endless.

    It’s a big job bringing all that into focus and making a sensible argument out of it all – and again I’d reinforce the importance of writing each paragraph as a complete point, helping your reader understand in steps, as opposed to expecting them to get it all at the end.

    I look forward to watching as your essay develops this week.


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