The significance of the gravedigger’s handbook-

The gravedigger’s handbook is the first book that liesel stole in “The Book Thief”, this happened early in the book when her brother died on the train to her new foster family, they held a funeral in a town and buried her brother when one of the grave diggers dropped the book, Liesel immediately felt the want to steal it as a reminder of her brother and family. Liesel uses this book as a reminder of her brother and past life but in some ways uses it as a way to solidify her past into a book but also bury it away at the same time, which is ironic because the title talks about a grave digger and similar to how they bury the dead she used it to bury her past but also have a tombstone to remember it.


The shoulder shrug is a book stolen by liesel on hitler’s birthday, she rescued it from a book burning bonfire, an event where hitler made everyone burn the history of germany, this book was significant because it represented liesel standing up against the nazis and hitler, she defied there orders and kept a piece of german literature alive. This shows that with enough individuals it is possible to stand up against the nazi party and even overthrow their regime






it was a massive act of courage and an act against hitler and the nazi party. After a book burning; a massive bonfire where germany would burn all their books of the past to get rid of their history, liesel stayed behind and saw an unburned



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